To date, Alison has produced the following publications and other research outputs:

  • Isham, A., Verfuerth, C., Armstrong, A., Elf, P., Gatersleben, B., and Jackson, T. (2022) “The Problematic Role of Materialistic Values in the Pursuit of Sustainable Well-Being“, in International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 19, 3673
  • Armstrong, A.J. (2017) “How we Cope: An Application of Psychosocial Methods”, in Behaviour Change From the Inside Out: applications of psychosocial ideas to sustainability. Robinson, R. (Ed)
  • Armstrong, A.J. and Jackson, T. (2015) “The Mindful Consumer: Mindfulness Training and the Escape from Consumerism“Friends of the Earth
  • Armstrong, A.J. (2015) “Mindfulness and Sustainability: Happy Bedfellows?“. In Sustainability: New Questions, New Answers. Robinson, R. (Ed)
  • Armstrong, A.J. (2015) “Paying Attention: How Mindfulness Relates to Habits”. In Beyond the Brain, Conference of the Scientific and Medical Network, UK
  • Armstrong, A.J. (2014) “Are Sustainable Consumption Modes Emerging?”
    In Planet for Life. Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations (IDDRI), in conjunction with the French Development Agency and TERI (download article here)
  • Armstrong, A.J. (2013) “Mindfulness and Consumption”.
    In Social Mindfulness Conference, London
  • Armstrong, A.J. (2012) “Mindfulness and Consumerism: A Social Psychological Investigation”, PhD Thesis, University of Surrey
    This thesis explores the potential relationships between mindfulness and consumption, and was motivated by sustainability beliefs. It focussed partly on understanding mindfulness for compulsive buyers, both to improve underlying mental health issues, and in the day-to-day management of the addiction. The findings support mindfulness as a means to increase individual wellbeing.
  • Armstrong, A.J., Gatersleben, B. and Jackson, T, (2011) “Mindfulness and Compulsive Buying”.
    In Living Sustainably: Values, Policies, Practices.  RESOLVE Conference, London
  • Armstrong, A.J. (2011) “Mindfulness and Compulsive Buying: An Empirical Study”.
    In Mindfulness Now: Building on the Last Decade,  Bangor University
  • Armstrong, A.J., Gatersleben, B. and Jackson, T, (2009) “Can Mindfulness Help Reduce Consumption?”
    In 8th Bienial Conference of Environmental Psychology, Zurich
  • Armstrong, A.J. and Jackson, T. (2007) “Tied up in ‘Nots’: An Exploration of the Link Between Consumption and Spirituality”
    In European Sociological Association Conference, Helsinki

podcast interview for The Middle Way Society (2014)
Mindfulness and Compulsive Buying (2013)

Alison’s research has been referenced, including by Professor Tim Jackson, University of Surrey (2015).