E: alison@presentminds.org

T: 01483 427792    M: 07776 061670

Research Services

Mindfulness Research ServicesAlison has conducted detailed social psychological research into mindfulness – in a general sense, and specifically in relation to contemporary consumer behaviour, and for shopping addiction. She is available to contribute to small or large scale research projects such as:

  • Conducting literature reviews of the mindfulness publications on a specific topic/application
  • Advising on research design
  • Designing and implementing a mindfulness research study
  • Quantitative analyses of research data (for example, pre- and post-intervention comparisons)
  • Conducting research interviews with participants
  • Qualitative analyses of research interviews
  • Writing and presenting research results


Alison Armstrong PhD  |  E: alison@presentminds.org  |  T: 01483 427792  | M: 07776 061670