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Current Research

Resilience Research

Current Mindfulness ResearchAlison is currently researching coping and resilience for a new book. This combines her psychology background, with her deep interest in the human capacity for coping. The book will include mindfulness as a means of cultivating resilience, but will also include other strategies for coping and resilience.

If you have had to face a difficult, challenging or traumatic period in your life, and are interested in sharing your story about your means of coping, please do contact Alison as she is in the process of collecting personal stories that she can draw on for the book. Situations she would like to hear about are: divorce/relationship breakdown, moving countries/career, bereavement, job loss, imprisonment, being a victim of crime, chronic or acute illness, unemployment, addiction, or other situations where you felt (or still feel) deeply tested. Your means of coping may be related to mindfulness, but it doesn’t have to be, as she is interested in hearing about a wide range of coping strategies. You can be assured of confidentiality and anonymity.

Well-Being in Older Age Research

Alison is currently working as Project Director for the newly formed Whiteley Foundation for Ageing Well, where she is working on research related to well-being in older age. Whiteley Village is a unique and sizable retirement community, well placed for research of this nature.

Visiting Research Fellow: University of Surrey

Alison is a Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Surrey, within the Centre for Understanding Sustainable Prosperity.

Recently Completed Research

  1. Alison was a collaborator for the creation of a play which drew from her PhD work, and explored creatively and artistically some of the societal issues around compulsive buying and over-consumption.
  2. Alison was a member of the steering committee of the Changing Behaviours Programme at Aberystwyth University. This project compared strategies for behaviour change, including mindfulness, with a specific aim of understanding behaviour change policy effectiveness and formation.

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