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Many of the Present Minds audio files are freely available and downloadable from Soundcloud. Search for “Present Minds”, and look for the spiral staircase profile picture. If you prefer you can purchase the physical CDs, which will remain available until stock runs out, after which tracks will be available through Soundcloud only.

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Mindfulness Core Practices CDs - Present Minds

Mindfulness Core Practices

These tracks accompany the mindfulness course, but can be used standalone. Instructions are provided to enable you to use these meditation tracks most effectively.

MP3   Price: £5    
2 CDs   Price: £5 (free UK p&p)    

Opening Resting CDs - Present Minds

Opening & Resting

These CDs can be purchased individually or together.

Opening & Resting (2 CDs)

MP3   Price: £5    
2 CDs   Price: £5 (free UK p&p)    


MP3   Price: £3    
CD   Price: £3 (free UK p&p)    


MP3   Price: £3    
CD   Price: £3 (free UK p&p)    

Now Meditations CD - Present Minds


MP3   Price: £3    
CD   Price: £3 (free UK p&p)    

Multiple order: Core Practices, Opening, Resting & Now

See track details under individual CDs.

  • Mindfulness Core Practices (2 CDs)
  • Now Meditations
  • Opening Meditations
  • Resting Meditations
MP3   Price: £12    
5 CDs   Price: £12 (free UK p&p)    

Compassion Practices CD - Present Minds

Compassion & Loving-Kindness

These are the newest guided practices recorded by Present Minds, and can be used to cultivate the Four Friends for Life: Compassion, Loving-Kindness, Equanimity and Empathetic Joy. They accompany the Mindfulness-Based Compassionate Living Course, or can be used standalone.

MP3   Price: £12    
4 CDs   Price: £12 (free UK p&p)    

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