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Present MindsAt Present Minds, we offer training that is aiming to improve individual well-being.

This is good for individuals; good for families; good for businesses; and good for communities. Ultimately, it may also be good for the planet!

Our mission is to:

Offer information and techniques that empower individuals to improve their well-being so that they can:

  • Live a life of meaning and purpose
  • Be productive and creative
  • Be resilient when difficulties/stress occur
  • Have fulfilling relationships
  • Have a healthy balance between work/non-work activities/time

Offer information and guidance to businesses so that:

  • All types of employees can feel comfortable and accepted in their working life
  • Moral and legal positions are understood in relation to well-being and mental health
  • Policies and programmes can be implemented to facilitate staff well-being, which can ultimately positively impact on staff retention, lowered absenteeism, lowered presenteeism, improved engagement and productivity, and better working relationships

We can also work alongside you to support the writing and implementation of policies and procedures that will cultivate well-being within the company. Investing in your desire to have a happy, healthy workforce will ultimately improve profitability, and your business will be well placed to respond to a rapidly changing marketplace.

Our aim at Present Minds is to provide tailored workshops and training to support your desire to have a happy, healthy workforce.

Alison has provided extensive and very effective training and techniques to allow people to be more open to seeking help and sharing experiences, benefiting the people, but also the business, by reducing unhealthy stress and enabling a sharper focus on day to day work challenges.Materials Scientist, NPL, 2017

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