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Mindfulness at Work

Present MindsThere is considerable evidence to support businesses bringing mindfulness into the workplace. Our experience in Present Minds endorses the research evidence, and additionally we have considerable first-person testimony to support this.

Recently published papers by Lomas et al (2017) and Good et al (2016) offer renewed perspectives of mindfulness in the workplace. They broadly conclude that in relation to mental health, mindfulness-based interventions:

  • Are helpful for reducing anxiety levels in the workplace
  • Are effective in reducing stress levels
  • Will be most helpful for depression when offered to individuals who are not currently depressed
  • May be helpful for cases of burnout (the multi-facetted nature of burnout itself makes this a difficult research area)

And in relation to performance outcomes and well-being, mindfulness-based interventions:

  • Are associated with 31 different measures of “positive” well-being, including job satisfaction, resilience, relationships, emotional intelligence, meaning in life, self-determination, professional quality of life, and subjective well-being
  • Offer positive influences on other related aspects of well-being and job performance, including citizenship behaviours, safety performance, communication, and compassion and empathy

These papers, along with The Mindfulness Initiative’s publications (generated by the Mindfulness All-Party Parliamentary Group), concluded that more research is required to further understand the impacts and mechanisms by which mindfulness in the workplace is helpful.

Alison has provided extensive and very effective training and techniques to allow people to be more open to seeking help and sharing experiences, benefiting the people, but also the business, by reducing unhealthy stress and enabling a sharper focus on day to day work challenges.Materials Scientist, NPL, 2017

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