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Mental Health First Aid

Many companies and individuals understand the importance of physical first aid, and have committed to learn how to support individuals suffering from physical injury or illness. However, most of us don’t have the same level of awareness or knowledge regarding how to support individuals suffering from mental health illnesses.

The Mental Health First Aid course aims to address this, by offering a practical knowledge and information that enable delegates to:

  • Recognise the symptoms of common mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, psychosis and bipolar, eating disorders, and self-harming.
  • Provide initial help and support on a first aid basis, both as an early intervention or in a crisis situation

As for physical first aid, we are not seeking to be experts or to diagnose conditions. Instead we are seeking to help prevent a situation worsening, part of which will be to guide a person towards appropriate professional help. We also consider ways that stigma and discrimination towards the mentally unwell can be eliminated. And we explore ways to support our own mental health.

Alison has been pivotal in helping set-up a Mindfulness community and a network of Mental Health First Aiders within NPL. Both networks have been extremely valuable in helping people within them to help spread the benefits of addressing good mental health in the workplace.Materials Scientist, NPL, 2017

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