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Workshops and Talks

Present MindsAll of our current workshops are aimed at introducing mindfulness and mental health awareness to employees.

We can also develop bespoke talks and presentations for business functions and conferences, and workshops for specific audiences. To date, these have included these topics, although others can be developed:

  • Helping Employees Through Change (presented to managers at a company-wide conference just prior to a major restructuring)
  • Paying Attention: How Mindfulness Relates to Habits (presented at the Beyond the Brain Conference)
  • Mindfulness in the Workplace: Experience, Efficacy and Economics (presented to service users in a healthcare setting)
  • Mindfulness and Addiction (offered to therapists in training)
  • Renewal and Rejuvenation: Mindfulness, Hypnosis and the Power of Focussed Awareness (offered as a 5-day residential course in conjunction with Di Clift to members of an international scientific exploration network)
I’m more knowledgeable now and have a better technical understanding about supporting the well-being of my team.Analyst, Sarasin & Partners, 2017

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