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Mindfulness in the Workplace

Present MindsOne of the most popular and positive interventions for enhancing employee well-being is to offer mindfulness training.

We offer a range of workshops and courses to support staff who wish to explore what mindfulness can offer to them to help manage stress and difficult emotions, build resilience, improve communication, and increase calm and contentment.

I am much more productive at work, because I am less stressed, and feel more motivated, and procrastination seems to be decreasing at home and at work as I begin to stop sleepwalking through life.Finance Team Member, NPL, 2015


Mindfulness 60 – Help your staff to begin practicing mindfulness with this 60 minute workshop, designed to introduce mindfulness and to offer some simple practices and that can be immediately used by staff. A slightly shorter version of this workshop is available as a webinar for up to 100 worldwide delegates (45 minutes).

Mindfulness 90 – A 90 minute workshop covering everything in Mindfulness 60 plus the basics of the science behind why mindfulness is helpful and effective. This is especially helpful for high-functioning staff as it offers a clear motivation for practicing mindfulness.

Absolutely everything has been helpful. I’ve gained the ability to sit back and take myself away from future or past thoughts. The whole thing was hugely beneficial.Analyst, Sarasin & Partners, 2017

Introductory Courses

Our mindfulness courses in the workplace usually run for 6 weeks, and offer delegates the opportunity to start embedding mindfulness into their life so that they can benefit from it. Benefits include:

  • Greater ability to handle stress
  • Increased resilience
  • Lowered sickness
  • Improved focus and concentration
  • Greater opportunity for creativity and innovation
  • Improved relationships

Like exercise, mindfulness is something we have to do and practice. On the courses we encourage and support mindfulness practices, and to weave mindfulness into everyday life.


  • Weekly 90 minute sessions
  • Up to 16 delegates per course
  • Each delegate receives a workbook and guided practices for home use
  • Assistance given with the wording of internal promotion of the course
  • Online application/screening process to ensure the suitability of all applicants
  • Between-session support offered if required
  • Post-course evaluation can be shared with HR
It has helped me to appreciate, and put issues into perspective both work/home.Finance Team Member, NPL, 2017

Mindfulness Champions Courses

We offer the opportunity for employees who have already done an introductory course and maintained a regular mindfulnes practice to become trained as a Mindfulness Champion for their company. The course is highly tailored to the compnay context and culture, and is based on experiential learning. Benefits include:

  • Empowering the Mindfulness Champions to provide support and guidance to the mindfulness community within their company
  • Helping the Mindfulness Champion to feel confident to run taster sessions within their company
  • Facilitate the deepening of their practice of mindfulness
  • Understanding their boundaries and how to keep their colleagues safe in their mindfulness practice, and where/how to signpost staff to further support for their mindfulness practice


  • Often run as a 15 hour course over 2-3 longer sessions
  • Up to 6 delegates per course
  • Ongoing supervision support is offered to Mindfulness Champions after the course has ended
Very effective course for extending mindfulness practice. Explores ways that mindfulness can be extended into the company.NPL Mindfulness Champions Training, 2018

Mindful Return to Work

Help support individuals who have been off work long-term sick, and are thinking about returning, or have begun a phased return. We work with these individuals over an 8-session course, teaching them mindfulness techniques at their own pace, and helping them apply mindfulness to help support them as they return to work. Individuals are screened for suitability/readiness for the course, and we work with those who have been off work from stress, mental health illness, addiction, or physical health problems. Sessions are offered one-to-one via phone/Skype/Zoom. Our client’s experiences of these courses is extremely positive.

Ongoing Support

Once courses have finished, ongoing sessions are offered to your organisation to help support, grow and deepen the practices of mindfulness and their relevance in life. These are usually arranged to occur quarterly. Staff who have completed the training are also welcome to attend other supportive activities organised by Present Minds. A greater level of supervisory support is offered to those who have completed the Mindfulness Champions Training.

[The trainer] was particularly professional and sensitive to the fact that we were all colleagues and would therefore be unlikely/unwilling to give away personal information, whilst still being able to articulate situations and feelings.Analyst, Sarasin & Partners, 2016


Present Minds is proud to have delivered quality training/workshops to employees within these (selected) companies:

NPL - National Physical Laboratory - Present Minds - Clients Sarasin and Partners - Present Minds - Clients Q8 Aviation - Present Minds - Clients

Cubic - Present Minds - Clients Family Mosaic - Present Minds - Clients Bottomline Technologies - Present Minds - ClientsBirkbeck College - Present Minds - Clients

Please feel free to download this case study from our work over the last few years:

Alison is one of the team of Mindfulness Facilitators providing tailored mindfulness programmes for Kalapa Leadership Academy.

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