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Manager Training

Present MindsThe leaders and managers within an organisation play a crucial role in encouraging a positive culture around well-being, and are well placed to handle day to day situations.

We offer specialist training to leaders and managers to:

  • Illustrate their important role in the emotional and mental well-being of their team
  • Equip them with skills and knowledge to model and encourage positive attitudes and behaviours that will support well-being
  • Empower them to spot the signs and symptoms of mental illness, and to know how to approach that person to encourage them to seek expert support
  • Know the legal position in regards to mental illness

The duration and exact contents of the training is agreed with each client, and is based on the particular needs and culture of that organisation. We can include the MHFA Adult Lite course as part of this training. We can also advise on writing/updating of well-being policies.

This training should form a mandatory element of a Line Manager’s training package.Team Leader, NPL, 2017

Due to Alison’s background as an engineer, Present Minds specialises in working with technical firms, often related to engineering, IT, financial analysis, science and research. She is sensitive to the challenges many technically trained people can have in people management.

Very thorough training session. Well delivered and a great balance of interactivity and thought provoking exercises and activities.Partner, Sarasin & Partners, 2017

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