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FAQs Community-based Mindfulness Courses

Present Minds

How do I know that the course will benefit me?
How do I know that I am suitable for the course?
Can I come to a taster session before I commit to the course?
I will have to miss a session of the course, should I still apply?
What happens in each session/what’s the format of the sessions?
I am very nervous/anxious in groups, should I do the course 1-2-1 instead?
My partner wants to do the course with me. Should we do it together or separately?
I don’t think I can practice for 40 minutes a day so should I not attend?
I’d love to do the course but I simply cannot afford it. What options are there for reduced fees?
I’m very private/shy and don’t want people on the course to know about my life. What will I be asked to share in the sessions?

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