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The Team

Dr Alison Armstrong

Alison Armstrong Present MindsAlison is the founder and lead trainer for Present Minds Ltd. She is passionate about improving the way we live and work so that we not only have improved mental and emotional well-being, but also opportunities for genuine thriving. She brings her considerable and varied experience, and applies it in a clear and straightforward manner to the challenges set by modern life. She continues to be actively involved in research, and is a CUSP Visiting Fellow at the University of Surrey.

Mindfulness Associates

We work with a range of highly qualified and motivated associates as required to deliver quality training programmes. We only work with those who have the appropriate qualifications and experience, and who share our values and vision.

Elinor Brown

Elinor Brown - Present Minds AssociateElinor Brown is a well-known and well-loved mindfulness teacher. She has an interest in nurturing healthy minds and building positive practices. She is passionate about the potential we all have to ‘be the change’ and the role of self-care, awareness and choice in enhancing communication, relationships, leadership and performance. Integrity is key to her work, and her own practice is fundamental to her professional and personal life. Her work with Present Minds is to deliver mindfulness interventions in the workplace.

Jane Young

Jane Young - Present Minds AssociateJane has been exploring mindfulness personally for the past 5 years and has recently completed foundational training in Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy with the University of Oxford Mindfulness Centre.  She is an experienced business coach working with individuals and teams to support them achieving the outcomes they want.  Her style of high challenge and high support sets her apart as a coach, consultant and trainer.

Helen Banks

Helen Banks - Present Minds AssociateHelen has held board positions in a number of global corporations and has experienced first-hand the pressures of corporate life. She started practising mindfulness several years ago to help her recovery from severe illness. Inspired by the emotional and practical benefits, she retrained in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy at Oxford University where she completed her teacher training. Her teaching style is compassionate, while remaining firmly grounded in the workplace and its real-world challenges.

Mental Health First Aid Associate

Chloé Chambraud

Chloe Chambraud - Present Minds AssociateChloe strives to create workplaces where everyone can thrive. She works as Research & Policy Manager for Business in the Community (BITC), the Prince’s Responsible Business Network. She is responsible for leading key research projects to ensure inclusion in the workplace and she engages in high-level consultations with key business leaders and policy-makers to develop resources that will drive change for women and men at work. She also chairs the well-being network, Be Well. Her current role with Present Minds is to deliver MHFA and Line Manager Training.

Coaching Associate

Philippa Ward

Philippa Ward - Present Minds AssociatePhilippa is a professional Co-Active coach, working with individuals and organisations. She works with clients to create transformative action and reconnect them with the power of choice. She engages with Present Minds clients after someone has completed a mindfulness course, and wishes to use the learning and awareness gained to make changes in their lives. Philippa has an MA from Oxford University, and has worked in and with the media, legal, corporate and charity sectors in her previous career.

Website Support

Maggie Greene has provided website support and development for Present Minds since 2014. With over 20 years experience in website creation, Maggie works with organisations and individuals to create, develop and support their online presence. maggiegreene.co.uk

We are not recruiting for any other roles at the moment. We thank you for your interest in Present Minds and will post details of vacant positions and work experience opportunities as they become available.

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